Mind shift about learning is needed!

After watching the following speech of Will Richardson I couldn’t agree more:

It has to be about:

  • learning and becoming a life-long learner!
  • preparation for life, not for tests!
  • allowing students to find and live for those passions for whatever they are.
  • allowing students to choose their teachers.
  • having a PLN (Personal Learning Network) and choosing own teachers.
  • accepting and embracing that learning is just different to how we experienced it.
  • embracing that information and knowledge is everywhere.
  • letting the students inquire, collaborate, solving problems, taking actions and sharing their thinking with the world.

Here is Will Richardson Blog or follow him on Twitter @willrich45! He obviously also wrote a book called Why School? although I haven’t read it (yet).

3 Replies to “Mind shift about learning is needed!”

  1. You know your life has shifted when you wake up at 5 am with insomnia and what do I do? I look at my RSS to see what new posts have been put up by my Coetail Cohorts. I get a dose of inspiration and then I’m ready to go back to bed!

    I LOVED this video. Thanks for sharing. There are so many quotes in it that I need to go back to hear again so I can write them down.

    Here is one of my favourites, “Do we want our kids being prepared for their futures by a system that has not fundamentally changed for the last 125 years?”

    The implications of that question are huge.

    1. Vivian,

      I had to watch it two times to process it and watched it a third time together with my boyfriend. Yes, he has a lot of great thoughts in his speech. Let’s spread the word!
      Have a great weekend!

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