Connectivism and Learning Style

For quite a while I try already to be connected but I have been only a consumer on the Internet. Material for teaching, especially since I work without books, information for personal interest like traveling or cooking, and food for thought for my passion for education – everything was/is there. Always. I’m very thankful for everybody who contributed. THANK YOU. But it was only in one direction …

Since I try to get even more connected – meaning in both or many directions – (Facebook Groups, RSS, Forums, Twitter, Diigo, etc.) I feel so lost in Connectivism (in English / in German) sometimes. Following posts, reading what interests me is too overwhelming. I want to read and learn, but there is just too much out there. The content, the concepts and ideas don’t stick in my mind like I want them to get them connected to prior knowledge and understandings. I check my RSS and after hanging out for a while I ask myself what do I remember.

There might be a solution for this phenomena.

First, we as connected learner need to set priorities. It is okay not too read everything. It is impossible. Let’s choose what we want to know more about.

Second, the awareness of our learning style. Reflecting on my own learning style I realized for me it is not enough to just read an article or watch a video. I need to explain it to somebody (f.e. writing a post). I love to exchange opinions, love to hear other perspectives, love to question and to connect together with other people. Being connected within a network let us find like-minded people. In a conversation we can compare, connect and form our knowledge and our learning.
It also very helpful to write down the main learning. I thought about having a visual diary but unfortunately I’m not a good drawer and illustrator at all. So I’m writing somewhere.

So far my own reflections on being a Connected Learner.

In regards to being a Networked Educator, I am at the very beginning. There is still a big questions mark. I want to become/be a role model for the students. I don’t see this (yet) so much in Primary School. Although there is definitely a way to promote learning from others, learning through others. How can we prepare the students in Primary School to become a Connected/Networked Learner?




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  1. Hi Verena,
    I hear you and I feel you too as I’m in the same boat with you. As I read something interesting or informational to me, I follow and follow and follow link after link, soon I get lost among the load of information. I am still a trying-very-hard to-understand consumer. But we’re better than the first day of COETAIL, so we’ll get there. Rome was not built in a day as the saying goes. Cheers! 🙂

  2. I think in Primary school we show student how to be networked students the same way we show them a lot of things….through examples. Being a networked teacher you can show them how you make connections. How you can connect to an author, a friend, someone to learn from or learn with a class half way around the world. One of the final projects from another COETAIL cohort was 2 Kindergraten classes getting together to create and publish a book in the iTunes book store. They used google docs, skype and e-mail to create the book together. One class in Japan the other in Indonesia. We can teach through examples which means becoming a networked educator so you can. 🙂

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Easy to connect difficult to contribute. Your last paragraph particularly resonated with my initial thoughts and opinions when adopting connectivism as a teacher and mentoring students in the method. It is so easy to see the end result – a successful and critical learner doing what they need and connecting with the people that inspire them most. But where can us humble primary teachers begin?

    Start like us. Our cohort is making those initial steps into the world of networking through a variety of web based tools. Why not take your class with you? Children can grow as their teachers do, and so I would love to offer you, your class and indeed my class your first connection. I teach Year 4s and I’m dying to get them talking to new people. Just say when.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I would love to connect somehow with your 4s. The situation is although that I am a single subject teacher for German with 5 hrs/week. It would need to be in German …
    I do take my classes with me regarding all kind of technology. At the moment my Grade 4 is contributing for example their knowledge into a Wikipedia about “The brain”. And since I’m with Coetail it is already in my mind to reflect with them about consuming and contributing on the internet. Maybe we can even post on the class blog then about contributing on the Internet. Let’s see. Exiting … 😉

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